Friday, February 19, 2016

Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces 2016 - Intro

Happy Friday! :o)

Today Pisces started, my favorite and most fruitful time of the year. Well, I'm Pisces, so that's normal. :o)

Last year I celebrated whole Pisces period in a challenging/crafty way. I called my celebration Celebrating 30 days of Pisces. I gave myself 4 challenges to complete them in 30 days. Goals of these challenges were to improve my coloring and card making skills, to learn some new techniques, to finish a "long time waiting to be finished" project and to improve my English, by writing here on blog daily.

If you like, you can find all about Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2015 here.

I managed to complete all challenges, I accomplished my goals, made some new friends and had loads of fun! So why not repeat it. :o)

Welcome to the Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2016!

This is a personal challenge and will take time in Pisces period that started today, on February 19th at 6:26 AM and ends on March 20th at 5:19 AM. (CET, UTC +1Dubrovnik, Croatia).

CAS cards are my favorite design and I want to improve myself. I'm challenging myself to make 30 CAS (clean and simple) cards.

Last year I was unemployed and had a lot of free time. I was crafting and posting on daily basis. That was the challenge. This year it's different. I work as a teacher of Math, Physics and Technics (LOVE MY JOB!), but don't have time or strength to craft or blog on daily basis. So, this year I'm not challenging myself to make cards or post on daily basis. I want to craft and have fun, so I'll share my progress weekly, on Sundays when I'll manage it. :o)

There will also be a giveaway, so be sure to visit upcoming Sunday for more details.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I'm off to color. Enjoy and smile! :o)

Crafty Milka 


  1. ti si ribica!
    pregledala sam unatrag tvoj blog da vidim taj izazov i čini mi se super!


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