Smilespotting - Let's make a world a better place!

An interactive art-project to spread happiness set up by Christine Drogt. Find out more about it here.

What to do...
1) Create small cards/ pieces of art with phrases / quotes / sketches that brighten up someone’s day.
2) Place (spot) those projects anywhere: in cafés, on the train, in the grocery store – everywhere (just make sure you don't injure anyone's property).
3) Take a photo of your spotted piece and post it on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #smilespotting .
4) Using for example a little note on the back of your project or a removable sticker ask the people who spot (!) your project to post a photo of it as well using the same hashtag.

Christine's beautiful hand lettering inspired and encouraged me to to write phrases on my own. Such a great practice of hand lettering. :o)

Feel free to print / copy / alter following image for your project. (click on the picture, right-click on the picture, save image) 


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