Effective starting September 23rd 2014

Thank you for visiting my blog.


All projects shown on this blog are my own creation and ideas, if no other information is provided. Please read my Copyright notice.

All content on this blog belongs to me. No one can use anything from my blog without my written approval. If any content from this blog is taken and copied without my written approval, I'll consider that as theft and take legal actions against the person/organization. Read more: Copyright + Disclosure Page.

Any person who signed as a follower or commented on this blog can mange their own data and delete them from my blog. Blogger itself provides that option. Read more: Data Protection Policy Statement.

Content on this blog is written in English languageNone of the content will be translated by me or any other person at my cost to any other languages if requested by readers or visitors. You have an option provided by Google Translate to translate this or any other content on this blog to any language offered by Google Translate. I hereby expressly dissociate from all translations and interpretations of anything stated on my blog.

Sometimes I link to other websites. I will never provide links to pages with disturbing content, such as pornography, violence etc.

It may happen that the content of websites to which I have linked to, change without I notice it. Therefore, I hereby dissociate expressly from all linked websites

I am also not responsible for any content on linked websites

I am not responsible if minors visit my blog. This blog is minor friendly, but if I notice that a minor signed as a follower on my blog, left any comment, played a challenge, entered any giveaway or blog hop, or had any activity on my blog that might reveal their personal data (name, link etc.), all data will be deleted immediately and permanently without any prior notice to the minor. I will take the same steps if a third person notices minor activity on my blog and notifies me.

If you have any questions or concerns don´t hesitate to contact me

Thank you.

Milka Gubo aka Crafty Milka

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