Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In the Clouds Squash Album

Hello everyone :-D

Here I am with my second post today. 

One day I was on DCWV Diary blog and I found this great post, Silky Smooth Banner & Invitation. Very beautiful project. That inspired me. I had to make something with that super cute airplanes using template generously shared in post.

I made Squash mini Album, that was a gift for my best friend who had a baby boy. I didn´t want to share it until now, because I didn´t want her to see it before she receives it. :-D

This is the second Squash Album I made and it is called In the Clouds Album. Enjoy the video. 

In this video I used music from a very good friend of mine, very very talented mister, dr.Izzy. I used part of a track Cloud Chaser (Neblak Hunter mix). This was inspiration for an album name. 

Front cover

Back Cover

Construction of Squash album is made from card stock paper and album covers from thick cardboard and card stock paper.

Squash Albums have back and front side. Many ladies, whose albums I saw on Internet, don´t decorate both sides of album, but I like to use all space in this lovely and fun construction.

Opened album inside

Opened album back

I made all embellishments using templates and card stock paper and decorated album with them. I made supplies list below, so you can easily find these cute templates. All templates are printed in various sizes. I made my own hand drawn template of the boat inspired by many patchwork sailboats on Pinterest. I didn´t use any template for kite. I made it as I liked it. Very easy to make and will sure share short photo tutorial soon here with you. :-D

Album dimensions are 6" x 6" and dimensions of covers are 6 1/4" x 6 1/4".  It can handle up to 30 photos, or more.

I also made 6 little tags shaped as clouds and hoot air balloons using templates. Tags can be used for notes or small photos.

List of supplies I have used in this project: 

I hope you´ll like it. I really appreciate your kind feedback. :-D 
If you have any questions about this project, don´t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for stopping by. Night night :-D 

Crafty Milka 


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    1. :-D Thank you Ike, I am glad you like it :-D I had sooooo much fun making it :-D


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