Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween ambience

Good evening everyone :-D

I finally managed to organize my photos and edit short video of ours Halloween ambience, which I want to share with you. 

I did want to do this last week, after Halloween, but it was very busy and exhausting week for me. I had a lot of job interviews and, finally, after long 18 months, I got the full time job. I started to work last Thursday. Yeiii, now I´ll be able to purchase all those tools I wanted for a long long time.

Meanwhile, I got so ill, that I couldn't do anything with myself. Horrible pills made me cranky and extremely exhausted, so my doctor had to subscribe me even more pills. Now I feel like pharmacy, but feel much better. I can think and write. (LOL) 

Back to Halloween... 

I created Halloween ambience using wall decorations, a lot of candles and candle light shades. 

Idea for wall decorations is not mine, as I wrote in my previous post Halloween decorations, where I gave all the credits and shared the details of how I made mine spooky decorations. I also provided links to original posts where I found templates. 

I made candle light shades last year and stored them. They were in great shape and still are, so I used them this year too and probably will use them again next year. These candle light shades are really easy and fast to make and are very cheap. 

Here is a short tutorial. 

List of supplies:
  • orange card stock paper
  • scissors
  • stencils from the Internet 
  • pencil 
  • black permanent marker 
  • glue

Stencils I used are not my creations and I give all the credits to the authors. 
I am really sorry I can´t provide links to original posts where I found those stencils, because I lost that data. I found stencils last year and had them stored on my computer, but at the beginning of this year my computer crashed and I lost that data. 
I will update this post as soon as I find original posts where stencils can be find.

How to: 
  1. cut card stock paper on desired size (width must be at least 18 centimeters)
  2. draw desired shape or trace out stencil on card stock paper with pencil 
  3. color blanks with black permanent marker or any other desired color media 
  4. glue together two sides of a rectangle to form a cylinder shape 
  5. finished

Important notices: 
  • for tea light candles only
  • indoor usage only
  • never leave it unsupervised 
  • always be in the same room as your lighten tea light candles 
  • not for children 
  • usage at your own risk

Update (November 20th 2014):  
Much safer option is to use these light shades with LED tea light candles. I don´t know if they give that dancing light as a regular tea light candles (see video below), because I never had and tried them. 
Despite the fact that LED tea light candles are safer than regular ones, I recommend all safety precautions when using them. Sadly, quality of products nowadays, especially electronics, can be very poor, so we must be careful when using them.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thank you for stopping by and your kind feedback. Have a great week. :-D 

Crafty Milka


  1. I love your halloween ambiance :-) I didn't even decorate our house :-( Glad to hear you are feeling better and got the job wooo!

  2. Wow, ovo ti je predobro! Super je kako nekoliko svijeća i malo papira "zakrvavi" cijelu sobu. :)

  3. OH, how spooky! I bet my son´s would love to have a room like this too :-) xx Bianca

  4. wow! pre super je!
    mi smo samo bundeve izdubili.



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