Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crafty Milka FB 1st Birthday

Hello everyone :-D

Today is first birthday of my Crafty Milka FB page! Hooray!!! :-D

Looking back... A lot of things happened in this one year period time. I met a lot of talented crafters, made new friends, started stamping and learned a lot of new crafting techniques, started my own YouTube channel and this blog, had an honor to be a Guest Designer... Fruitful year!:-D

I would like to thank you all, my friends, fans, followers and readers, for all the support and encouragement. :-D

Due to my unemployment and extremely complicated laws here, I must skip any kind of giveaways, but I hope that will change soon. :-D

Thank you all for visiting. Enjoy and smile :-D

Crafty Milka

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