Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hi everybody :-D 

Lately, I'm not so active here on my blog. The reason is I started to work 4 weeks ago. :-D

I'm working in Dubrovnik, for a local company Be Craft Projekt. Such great employers! I'm selling gorgeous, colorful glass products and enjoying my first time experience as a sales person. :-D

I don't have time to craft everyday, but I make something here and there, mostly when I have the day off. I don't manage to visit your blogs and leave you comments, but that won't last forever. :-D 

Recently, I got new job offer, which I accepted, and I'll change job next week. :-D

Very exciting month for me! :-D

Hugs to all of you. Enjoy and smile :-D

Crafty Milka 


  1. Hi Milka, it is nice to hear that you are enjoying your job, when you have the time to craft I will look forward to seeing what you make
    Kevin xx


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