Saturday, April 28, 2018

Following via e-mail permanently disabled on this blog

Hi everyone!

Due to a lot of Spam in comments and received on my contact e-mail containing disturbing content, I permanently shut down and disabled following via e-mail option from my blog on April 25th 2018 without any prior notice. All data is permanently deleted from service provider (Google FeedBurner). No data is kept neither forwarded to any other party.

I've also disabled my Google FeedBurner account.

If, for some unfamiliar reason, you are still receiving automatic e-mails containing what I post on my blog, contact me as soon as possible. I'll contact Google immediately and report the issue.

Thank you for your attention.


Update May 27th, 2018
Since disabling a FeedBurner service, I didn't receive any notification from anyone that still receiving automatic e-mails from my blog.


  1. Oh no..actually..I was wondering why aren't you blogging. So that's the reason I don't get mails. No issues.. we'll come here to see your creations.



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