Saturday, May 12, 2018

Announcement: To Bee or Not to Bee Blog Hop

Hi everyone!

Next Sunday, May 20th, is a World Bee Day.

I'm hosting an annual To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop. Big and important change since last year is that United Nations (UN) officially declared May 20th a World Bee Day. Wohooo!!!

Mark your calendars and join me and amazing artists around the World to celebrate 1st World Bee Day and to support bees and bees' protection.

If you like, you can see last year's hop here.

If you like, share your thoughts on bees, links to your bee themed projects, gardens, bee photos... below in a comment section of this post. I would love to hear/see how you support bees. :o)

Illustrator: Hannah Rosengren Moran

Bee happy, bee smart, protect bees!!!  


Do not download, copy, share, print etc. images shared in this post from my blog! Visit the original source and see how to use them.
I'm sharing the World Bee Day logo by a written approval of Slovenian Government and in line with Instructions to use.
I'm sharing the bee poster by a written approval of Hannah Rosengren Moran.
Support artists, respect their work and give them credits, it's the least anyone can do.


  1. Zzzzuubbbb zzuuubbbb. Can't wait. Hugz

  2. Hi Milka. I first became aware of the decline in bees last year from your bloghop. I am concerned and have been signing petitions to ban the chemicals and pesticides that are primarily responsible for killing the bees. We planted several plants from the poster that you promoted.I have also contributed to and purchased several products that help support Save the Bees organizations. Can’t wait for the hop!

  3. What a lovely cause. A reminder again to keep those flowers blooming for a better future.

  4. I remember last year's hop and thought it was such a fun idea! :)

    Since you asked for links here's a link to one of my bee cards:

  5. This is new to me but I love the initiative. Nature is so important to us.

  6. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and they’re in danger due to pesticides, herbicides and habitat loss. “That’s a good idea. We need to save the bees for the better future.” We should planting more flowers in our garden!

  7. Very nice initiative for a beautiful creature on this earth...we should save bees with all possible means.



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