Sunday, February 23, 2020

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2020 - Intro

Happy Sunday! :o)

I wanted to post this earlier this week, but I didn't find time to finish my blog post, so I'm bringing it today. :o)

On Wednesday, February 19th, 2020, at 5:57 AM (CET, UTC +1)Sun entered Pisces and Pisces period has started. :o)

Five years ago (2015), I started a personal challenge which took time in Pisces period, Celebrating 30 days of Pisces. I gave myself 4 challenges to complete them in 30 days. Goals of those challenges were to improve my coloring and card making skills, to learn some new techniques, to finish a "long time waiting to be finished" project and to improve my English by writing here on blog daily. I managed to complete all challenges, I accomplished my goals, made some new friends and had loads of fun!

Satisfied with results of my first challenge and self improvement, I decided to make this challenge annual. :o)

Four years ago (2016), I've challenged myself to create 30 CAS cards in 30 days, as they were (and still are) my favorite card design. Goals of the challenge were to improve CAS card designing and generally cardmaking skills. I made 30 CAS cards and completed the challenge. Not all cards I made were unique design, there were couple sets and CASEs, but I accomplished my goals and improved coloring and designing skills.

Three years ago (2017) I've challenged myself to practice hand lettering every day in Pisces period. Goals of the challenge were to improve my hand lettering skills, to encourage myself  to hand letter on my projects and to continue practicing after the challenge ends. I've completed the challenge, practiced every day and improved my hand lettering skills. After my challenge finished I didn't practice by January 2019 (nearly two years), when I started hand lettering in my bullet journal (my first one). I found bullet journal very practical (helps me track bunch of stuff and keeps me organized... all in one place), so I'm bullet journaling this year too. :o)

Two years ago (2018) I've challenged myself to create 20 (or more) cards featuring rainbow colors.  Goals of the challenge  were to improve my cardmaking skills and to use more rainbow colors on my cards. I managed to create 19 cards. Although I didn't reach number 20 as I planned, I was not disappointed, neither find it a failure. I practiced, incorporated rainbow colors in my projects in various ways, created 19 cards that I liked a lot and had a lot of fun. :o)

Last year (2019) I've challenged myself to create 15 (or more) different types of interactive cards. Goals of the challenge were to learn new techniques and improve my cardmaking skills. I completed my challenge and created 15 different types of interactive cards. I had so much fun creating various interactive cards and I learned a lot. :o)

You can find all about my previous years celebrations/challenges on my Personal Challenges Page.

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2020

This is a personal challenge which will take time in Pisces period (30 days). Pisces period started on February 19th at 5:57 AM and ends on March 20th at 4:49 AM. (CET, UTC +1Zagreb, Croatia).

I love giving and sending out Birthday Cards, but I never have them enough to give as much I would love to. I'm challenging myself to create 15 (or more) Birthday Cards in Pisces period.

My plan is to create 15 (or more) different Birthday Cards... different designs, layouts, images, paper, coloring mediums... I would also like to create at least one card set, just to have more cards to give away. I will count a card set as 1 card, for example: card set of 8 birthday cards counts as 1, not 8.

Goals of the challenge are to create a stash of birthday cards and to improve my cardmaking skills. :o)

I'll be sharing my progress and finished cards here on my blog when I finish them and time allows me so.

As you might noticed, I'm not so active here on my blog neither on any other social media since I've started to work in November last year. As an accountant I work 7 - 8 hours on computer daily. In my free time I rather spend time with my family and friends, visiting nature or crafting, than by computer. During this 30 days personal challenge I'll focus on crafting and achieving my goals, so I'll post when I'll have time.

After the challenge ends, I'll write wrap-up post with a complete preview. I'll give my best to post all by the end of March. :o)

I've already created couple cards since the challenge started. My first birthday card is already shared on  Friday, February 21st,  as my Spotlight project for Jane's Doodles (here). I didn't share it here on my blog yet, as I didn't find time to write a blog post. I will share it here on my blog tomorrow. :o)

Thank you for visiting and reading. Enjoy and smile! :o)


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