Saturday, August 20, 2022

To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop

Hello everyone!!! :o)

It's been quite a while since I've posted here on my blog. Being a working from home mommy of a toddler is very challenging, but also super fun, so I don't find time to blog often anymore. Well here I am today with some of my friends, bringing you 5th To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop. :o)

To Bee or Not To Bee Blog Hop is a special annual blog hop supporting bees (and other pollinators) and celebrating World Bee Day, which is on May 20th. This year we are hopping a bit later and not actually on a World Bee Day, as I couldn't organize it earlier. Last year we paused, as I was new mommy and it was difficult for me to organize a blog hop with a small baby. 

I've invited some of my crafty friends, whom I admire greatly, to hop along with me, and I have some amazing sponsors lined up with gifts to give away to You! :o)

Aim of the hop is to support bees and bees protectionto raise public awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping and benefits of using apicultural products for our health.

Photo credit: GKV

Bees and other pollinators are very important for ensuring food quality, as well as preserving the entire ecosystem and natural biodiversity. Bees provide a wide range of benefits to humans from pollination of food crops and apicultural products.

Interesting facts...
  • "Bees pollinate as many as 170,000 species of plants.
  • Without bees, there would not be so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, or such beautiful colors on the lawn.
  • A bee colony is as big as a small town. There are from 30,000 to 60,000 bees in each colony.
  • The queen bee is the only one that lays eggs. She lays up to 2,000 eggs per day.
  • Out of 20,000 species of bees, only one is widely used for commercial honey production.
  • The Carniolan honey bee, Apis mellifera carnica, is an indigenous Slovenian race of bee and the second most widespread bee race in the world.
  • Honey bees’ wings strike 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.
  • Honey bees are the only bees that die after they sting. 
  • To make one kilogram of honey, the bees have to visit 4 million flowers and fly four times the distance around the world."

What can we do to protect bees and other pollinators...
  • "Care for the environment and avoid harming it.
  • Plant a variety of nectar-bearing plants and native species that bloom form spring to autumn to provide food for pollinators.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for solitary bees and other pollinators with a feeder hut/shelter.
  • Mow lawn less often and when bees are not present (i.e. early morning or late afternoon).
  • Seek out local beekeepers and support them by buying bee products.
  • Educate our community about the importance of bees and encourage pollinator-friendly campaigns and events."

Find out more about World Bee Day, key milestones in the proclamation of World Bee Day, interesting facts about bees, pollinators, apiculture, what each individual can do for bees etc. in a World Bee Day Organization's Interactive brochure about World Bee Day and Brochure Why bees matters - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, or in some of my previous years blog hop posts (here).

And here is what I created for today's hop: Happy BEE Day Card. :o)

I made this card for my niece Tea who will be turning 12 this month (I can't believe how time flies... she grew in a blink of an eye). :o)

How I made my card...

I stamped a hexagon pattern from Jane's Doodles 'Geometric Patterns' stamp set (the set is discontinued) in watermark technique with VersaMark Ink on a Kraft cardstock paper scrap. I cut the stripe to a preferable size and glued it on a white top folded cardstock paper.

Then I stamped a sentiment from Uniko 'Bee Happy' clear stamp set on a white cardstock paper panel.
I wanted to add some dimension and raise a bit the panel, but I was lazy to glue tiny foam squares (it takes ages... my least favorite part of cardmaking). I cut two rectangles from the white cardstock paper, slightly smaller than the panel, glued them together and glued the panel on top. I glued everything on the card base. Perfect! Done in couple minutes, dimension achieved and no foam used. LOL :o) 

Next up were bees. I used super cute tiny Bee from Purple Onion Designs, Stacey Yacula Studio 'Net, Butterfly and Bee' rubber stamps. So so cute. I stamped the bee on the white cardstock paper twice, fussy cut bees leaving white thin border around them. Then I stamped bees on a watercolor paper and colored them in watercolor technique using Distress Inks. I fussy cut bees, traced edges with a black marker and glued watercolored bees over bees stamped on the cardstock paper. I did this to make images thicker, because the watercolor paper I use is very thin. I've could used thicker watercolor paper, but the image is so tiny it's impossible to fussy cut it nicely when stamped on a thicker watercolor paper that I have.

Lastly, I glued some foam squares on the back of each bee, glued them on the card and my card was finished. :o)

Card measurements: 89 mm x 120 mm (3 1/2" x 4 3/4")

List of supplies:

I love how my card turned out!!! :o)


Fantastic artists, designers and companies are supporting the blog hop with incredible generosity.

These are the prizes they have sponsored:

Thank you sponsors!! 

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Here is the full list of designers participating in today's blog hop.

Blog hop list:
  1.  Milka Gubo  (you are here)
  2.  Amy Tsuruta (added direct permalink)
  3. Beverley Brown (permalink fixed)
  4. Larissa Walgemoed 
  5. Neha Bhatt
  6. Nonni Niskanen
  7. Valentina Bizjak (permalink fixed)
    Milka Gubo (InLinkz – return after commenting and add your name to InLinkz)

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    Thanks to all amazing Ladies who have joined me in this hop, for your tremendous help and support. This couldn't be done without you. 


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    And that would be all from me for today. I hope you'll enjoy the hop. I can't wait to see what my friends have created. :o)

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    Bee happy!!! :o)


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    1. Super cute Milka! Thanks for managing this awesome hop!

    2. FaBEElous awareness hop and super sweet card. ❤️

    3. Milka! So glad you are doing this! I love your CAS Bee card design! Glad you are staying busy with your toddler too! Such a BEE-utiful HOP!

    4. I love the card you created with these adorable bees! Your niece will love it! Glad to see your post today, and wishing you and your family well! I'm excited to check out the blog hop!

    5. Hi Milka, so glad to see a card from you and so sweet, too! Love it! The bees are adorable, and very important for environment and for human life!! I always have bees in my garden, as I plant flowers and vegetables and they like buzzing around here because I don't use poisons!
      Thanks for your efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of bees!! Thanks for this fabulous hop too!
      Hugs to you and to your little baby! I'm sure you are so happy to spend your time with him! :)

    6. Hi Milka, how lovely to see you pop up in my blog feed and what fun that it's the Bee blog hop again. We love our bees. Hope the toddler isn't too much work. Love your card. So pretty and those bees are so cute. Hugz

    7. It’s nice to see you back in blogland! Your card is very sweet! I’m glad to see the World Bee Day bloghop. I’m very concerned about the health and numbers of bees. Thank you for doing this.

    8. Such a cute card! Thank you Milk for organizing this hop and making me part of it!

    9. I LOVE bees. I've taught my grandkids to not be afraid of them anymore. They are so good for our gardens. Your stamped bees are just precious. Great job!

    10. Im so happy to see you here in blogland!
      this is so great blog hop!
      ladies made gorgeous cards!
      I planted bee friendly plant so many bees can come and enjoy it.
      thank you for bee blog hop!
      take care

    11. The cards on the hop were all so cute. I adore bees! My husband tried to help me put my name and card on, but I don't have a URL, so he used yours. I hope that what he did is ok, and qualifies me to try to win one of the wonderful prizes. I have no idea how to do any of the technical things. Thank you for the blog hop. It was really fun! Sharon Gullikson

    12. Those bees on your card are adorable! Your niece is going to love that sweet card! Thanks so much for hosting this hop.

    13. Thank you for having this to showcase Bees! Thank you for inviting me to participate too!! Glad I found you!

    14. Thanks so much for celebrating bees. I have some new flowers that are wonderful pollinators and I love watching the bees. And thanks for the chance to win.

    15. Hello, Milka! It is so nice to see you again and especially for your bee blog hop - I am one who loves bees and appreciates their importance to our food supply and ecosystem. I see many bees in our yard, especially in June, as we have a huge rhododendron - it is about 12 feet high and full of blooms - the bees absolutely love it! We have roses and other flowers too and I love seeing the bees fly from bloom to bloom! Your bee card is precious! I love the little smiley faces on the stamped bees and the awesome greeting! I just finished the hop and I enjoyed seeing all of the bee-autiful inspriation! Thank you for this hop and reminding everyone about bees!

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. Sweet CAS card design, thanks for supporting this cause and for the fun hop.



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