Saturday, February 18, 2017

Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces 2017 - Intro

Hello everyone! :o)

Just now, Sun entered Pisces and Pisces period starts. :o)

Two years ago (2015) I started a personal challenge which took time in Pisces period, Celebrating 30 days of Pisces. I gave myself 4 challenges to complete them in 30 days. Goals of these challenges were to improve my coloring and card making skills, to learn some new techniques, to finish a "long time waiting to be finished" project and to improve my English with writing here on blog daily. I managed to complete all challenges, I accomplished my goals, made some new friends and had loads of fun!

Satisfied with results of my first challenge and self improvement, I decided to make this challenge annual. :o)

Last year (2016) I've challenged myself to make 30 CAS cards in 30 days, as they were (and still are) my favorite card design. I made 30 CAS cards and completed the challenge. Not all cards I made were unique design, there were couple sets and CASEs, but I accomplished my goals and improved coloring and designing skills.

You can find all about my previous years celebrations/challenges on my Personal Challenges Page.

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2017

This is a personal challenge and will take time in Pisces period that starts today, on February 18th at 12:31 PM and ends on March 20th at 11:29 AM. (CET, UTC +1Dubrovnik, Croatia).

I like a lot hand lettering and would love to improve my hand lettering skills.

Last Winter, while I was on vacation in Ivanić-Grad, my friend Sandra, an artist, showed me basics on how to hand letter using paint brush. She gifted me two quality paint brushes and dip pen nib for practicing.

I was very inspired and motivated by the work of Christine Drogt of Das Kartenchaos (owner of Create a Smile Stamps, set-up an art-project Smilespottingand gave it a try in Spring last year. With Christine's approval, I used her hand lettered #Smilespotting samples as practice guides and CASEd one of her samples. She even encouraged me to share it. I've shared a sample from a photo below, for others to use, here.

Since then, June 2016, I haven't practice seriously. Scribble here and there, but not enough to improve.

I'm challenging myself to practice hand lettering every day in Pisces period.

"Practice makes the master."
Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Goals of the challenge are to improve my hand lettering skills, to encourage myself  to hand letter on my projects and to continue practicing after the challenge ends.

Idea is to hand letter samples that I'll be using for other projects, for example cards, #Smilespotting, encouragement messages etc., as shown on the photo above, or to hand letter quotes I like in my notebooks.

I'll be sharing my progress and hand lettered samples here on my blog. At the moment I'm not sure if that'll be daily, weekly or something else, as I'm planing more fun activities here on my blog in this period. I'll go with a flow and share when I manage. :o)

Thank you for visiting and reading. Enjoy and smile! :o)



  1. ovo je super project.
    jedva čekam da vidim što češ sve napraviti!
    ja imam grozan rukopis i voljela bi naučit krasopis.
    probala sma par puta ali mi nije išlo.
    hugs , 𝓯𝓲𝓴𝓲
    My little store: Crafty Kitty Cat Shop

  2. That sounds really interesting. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing what you do :-D xxx

  3. Hey Milka, I have visited a calligraphy course because the writing looks so beautiful. However, I am left-handed and it has not worked. The woman could only show for right-handed and the feathers for writing I could not use. Your writing looks very nice - I wish you much fun while learning and testing.

  4. Calligraphy is very difficult to me, but I'm sure you will be able to do fabulous hand writing very quick :D



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