Sunday, February 4, 2018

I Love Math Challenge: Meet the Team

Happy Sunday!!

A new I Love Math Challenge starts on Wednesday, February 7th 2018. We will continue with quarterly challenges, same as previous two years. If you're new to my blog, you can find more about the challenge here.

Today I want you to meet the team. :o)

Neha Bhatt of Periwinkle Creations is a friend crafter from India. Math lover, amazing crafter with brilliant designing ideas. Her stunning creations will blow you away. :o)
Neha supports the challenge from it's beginning with her amazing creations and ideas. Neha joined the team as a designer collaborator last year, 2017.

Thank you for all you do, Neha!! 

Here are links to Neha's blog, shop and social network accounts:
Blog: Periwinkle Creations
Shop: Periwinkle Creations
YouTube Channel: Neha Bhatt
Instagram: @nehabhatt
Facebook: Periwinkle Creations

Kaja Vezenšek of Kajcyika Crafts is a friend cardmaker from Slovenia. Math student with amazing designing ideas and skills. Her super cute cards will melt your heart. :o)
Kaja supports the challenge from it's beginning with her brilliant math ideas and creations. She also helped me creating our lovely challenge badges and watermark signatures for the team, as I don't have proper software to create them. Kaja's joining the team as a designer collaborator from this year.

Welcome to the team, Kaja!!! 

Here are links to Kaja's blog and social network accounts:
Blog: Kajcyika Crafts
YouTube Channel: Kajcyika Crafts
Instagram: @kajcyika.crafts
Facebook: Kajcyika Crafts

Me, creator and host of the challenge. Graduated traffic engineer, working as Math and Physics primary school teacher for 3 years now. Love crafting, Math, Physics, teaching, nature... a lot of stuff!! :o)

I'm very happy to have amazing friends who are collaborating with me in the challenge, bringing their ideas and a lot of inspiration, as well as all you, amazing crafters from around the World who support the challenge with your beautiful Math creations.  

Thank you for stopping by and your kind feedback. Enjoy and smile!! :o)



  1. :) Lovely meeting! Hallo to all the ladies of the team!
    ...Waiting for the new math Challenge! :)

  2. Ops!!! HELLO... not hallo!!! :( My digit has been too much fast!

  3. Can't wait the Math Challenge start! :) It's one of the most creative challenges. Hope that I can join more times than last year. ;) And Hello to the bigger team and welcome Kaja! :)

  4. Hello to all talented crafty people here! I am always so excited for I love Math challenge!
    Sending hugs!

  5. Hello lovely ladies... Always amazing to see your creations...
    Looking forward to the challenge



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