Sunday, September 22, 2019

Goodbye Summer

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. :o)

Today is the last day of Summer on Northern hemisphere. Prior the Summer is gone, I want to share couple photos I took this Summer with my cellphone camera (Samsung Galaxy J3), except stork photo. :o)

Lilly (lat. Lilium) from our flower garden, Ivanić-Grad, June 21st

White Stork (lat. Ciconia ciconia) in a field near our house, Ivanić-Grad, June 24th
Fujifilm FinPix HS20EXR Digital Camera

Moment, near Kloštar-Ivanić, June 29th

Sunset, near Kloštar-Ivanić, June 29th

Sunset, view from my balcony, Ivanić-Grad, July 4th

My Zen garden, Ivanić-Grad, July 6th

Storm approaching, view from my balcony, Ivanić-Grad, July 7th

Butterfly on my window, Ivanić-Grad, July 10th

Our orchard, Ivanić-Grad, July 11th

Our garden, Ivanić-Grad, July 11th

Orange Gazania flower (lat. Gazania) from our flower garden, Ivanić-Grad, July 15th

Moment, grove by river Sava, July 16th

My friends garden, Dubrovčak lijevi, July 16th

Pot marigold (lat. Calendula officinalis) from our flower garden, Ivanić-Grad, August 9th

Traveling by train to the seaside, Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor,August 12th

Cloudy day at Lake Prokljan, Bilice, August 14th

Hermann's Tortoise (lat. Testudo hermanni hermanni), Bilice, August 15th

Dražen's Petrović bronze statue in Šibenik, Šibenik, August 16th

Traveling home, Velebit old road, August 17th

Zrmanja canyon and artificial lake Razovac, panoramic view from Velebit, Velebit old road, August 17th

Moment, somewhere in Lika, August 17th

Moment, Rastoke Slunj, August 17th

Frog, Žutica forest near Ivanić-Grad, August 18th

Common Houseleek (lat. Semprevirum tectorum) from our flower garden, Ivanić-Grad, August 31st

Sunset, view from my balcony, Ivanić-Grad, September 10th

Common evening-primrose (lat. Oenothera biennis) at my friend's land, Šušnjari, September 12th

Deer at dear's farm, Šušnjari, September 12th

White Dahlia (lat. Dahlia variabilis) from our flower garden, Ivanić-Grad, September 16th

panoramic view from Kezele rural tourism estate, Šumećani, September 17th

Moslavina stone and my shadow at Kezele rural tourism estate, Šumećani, September 17th

Thank you for stopping by and your kind feedback. Enjoy and smile!




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