Friday, January 15, 2016

Back from Holidays

Happy Friday everyone! :o)

Last Sunday, I returned home from holidays. I was visiting my parents, family and friends for three weeks. It was AWESOME!!! :o)

As soon as I got back home I got ill, so I spent whole week in bed. Finally I feel a bit better and got out of the bed, but still can't leave a house. Lucky me, it's raining whole week, so I don't have any wish to get out of the house. :o)

Through this weekend, I'll share with you six projects I made before I went on holidays, but I didn't have time neither will to spend time in front of a computer. :o) Those are all Christmas/Winter themed projects. I'll share them in separate posts. Here is a list (I'll be adding direct links to these as I publish them):

While I was on holidays I received a lot of cards and e-mails. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I'm very happy to have such amazing friends in all parts of the world! :o)

As soon as weather gets better here, I'll add photos of received cards on my Happy Mail Page. :o)

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy my Christmas/Winter projects. First one in a moment. :o)

Crafty Milka


  1. Welcome back home, Milka and i´m glad my card arrived safely in hour house :-) Thanks for the mention on you Happy Mail page.

    1. :o) Thank you very much Imke. I love it!!! :o) hugs

    2. It' always nice to get happy mail :-)


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