Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2019 - Intro

Hello everyone! :o)

Just now, Sun entered Pisces and Pisces period has started. :o)

Four years ago (2015), I started a personal challenge which took time in Pisces period, Celebrating 30 days of Pisces. I gave myself 4 challenges to complete them in 30 days. Goals of those challenges were to improve my coloring and card making skills, to learn some new techniques, to finish a "long time waiting to be finished" project and to improve my English by writing here on blog daily. I managed to complete all challenges, I accomplished my goals, made some new friends and had loads of fun!

Satisfied with results of my first challenge and self improvement, I decided to make this challenge annual. :o)

Three years ago (2016), I've challenged myself to create 30 CAS cards in 30 days, as they were (and still are) my favorite card design. I made 30 CAS cards and completed the challenge. Not all cards I made were unique design, there were couple sets and CASEs, but I accomplished my goals and improved coloring and designing skills.

Two years ago (2017) I've challenged myself to practice hand lettering every day in Pisces period. Goals of the challenge were to improve my hand lettering skills, to encourage myself  to hand letter on my projects and to continue practicing after the challenge ends. I've completed the challenge, practiced every day and improved my hand lettering skills. After my challenge finished I didn't practice, until last month, when I started hand lettering in my bullet journal (my first one). I'm hand lettering couple days in a week now.

Last year (2018) I've challenged myself to create 20 (or more) cards featuring rainbow colors.  Goals of the challenge  were to improve my cardmaking skills and to use more rainbow colors on my cards. I managed to create 19 cards. Although I didn't reach number 20 as I planned, I was not disappointed (neither am now), neither find it a failure. I practiced, incorporated rainbow colors in my projects in various ways, created 19 cards that I liked a lot and had a lot of fun. :o)

You can find all about my previous years celebrations/challenges on my Personal Challenges Page.

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2019

This is a personal challenge and will take time in Pisces period that started today, February 19th at 00:04 AM and ends on March 20th at 10:58 PM. (CET, UTC +1Zagreb, Croatia).

I love interactive cards, but don't create them so often.

"Interactive card is the type of card that involves the recipient in a more active way.  It might contain a mechanism that causes something to happen when the card is opened, such as movement. Or features a specialty fold that is different from the typical top or side folding card.  Sometimes, an interactive card has a unique closure that the recipient must open to see inside the card.
These types of effects often delight both children and adults alike, because they are unexpected.  They are both fun to make and fun to receive!"
Source: Ellen Hutson blog, the CLASSroom, post/article: What's an interactive card?

There are many different types of interactive cards, but I don't experiment so much with them. Here are just few from a long list from all over the web:
  • window card
  • window shaker card
  • shaker card
  • wobble card
  • spinner card
  • surprise spinner card
  • peek-a-boo card
  • spinning image card
  • spinning wheel card
  • pop up card
  • pivot pop up card
  • confetti launching card
  • light up card
  • shadow box card
  • inside shadow box card
  • tunnel card
  • inside tunnel card
  • scratch off card
  • see through card (transparent)
  • see through die cut card
  • slider card
  • z-fold card
  • shaped card
  • seesaw effect card
  • and many many more.

I'm challenging myself to create 15 (or more) different types of interactive cards in Pisces period.

Idea is to create 15 (or more) types of interactive cards. (Example: card set of 5 window shaker cards counts as 1, not 5.)

Goals of the challenge are to learn new techniques and improve my cardmaking skills.

I'll be sharing my progress and finished cards here on my blog when I finish them and time allows me so. At the end of the challenge, I'll write wrap-up post with a complete preview. :o)

I made couple interactive cards prior I started the challenge and will share those through this week on my blog. I won't count those into my challenge. :o)

Thank you for visiting and reading. Enjoy and smile! :o)



  1. Wow! you do like to challenge yourself Milka. I'm really looking forward to learning as you share your interactive cards. Good luck!

  2. Wow, Milka, you are so severe with yourself challenges:D I admire you!!
    Well done, and waiting to admire your fabulous 15 different interactive cards!!

  3. Omg..I remember I saw your work last year, religiously and now this!! Interactive cards, I am.so afraid of them. But you know.. I remember it was watching you challenge yourself that I challenge myself last year and learnt by getting Inspired from Loll. Thank you for having this effect on me Milka. From the day of the Bee hop in 2017 till now.. you never fail to inspire me.



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